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Three easy steps to a pearly white smile.
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Make dental impressions
Our Whitening Set contains easy step-to-step instructions to make your dental impressions. Follow these simple steps (requires no medical knowledge) and send us the impressions back.
Whiten teeth
Wear the custom-made whitening trays daily 2 hours for one week. You will already see results after your first treatment!

Our technology and standards.

Smiletastic aims to make home whitening in dentist quality possible anytime and anywhere at reasonable prices. In order to achieve this goal, all of our whitening trays are customized by experienced dental lab technicians. This is the way whitening trays are made by dentists. Custom-made whitening trays are not only more comfortable but are also more effective than preproduced whitening trays, as the whitening gel is applied exactly at the right place and cannot leak.

Our Whitening gels are 100% brand-name products of Opalescence.

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