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Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about teeth whitening

How do I get white teeth?
There are different methods to whiten your teeth. The following product comparison shows you the various whitening methods with their advantages and disadvantages.

Product comparison

    • Strength of whitening
    • Safety & Consistency of the Results
    • Effort
    • Dental Check-up
    • Price

Whitening Toothpaste

    • $

Stripes & Pen & non-peroxide bleaching gels

    • $$

Ready to Use Trays (‘Homewhitening’)

    • $$

Home Whitening just like at the dentist

    • $$$

Power-Bleaching at the dentist

    • $$$$$$
What is home tooth whitening and how does it work?

Home teeth whitening is a process that lightens discolorations of tooth enamel. This way yellow tooth can get white again.

All of our whitening trays are customized, made by experienced dental lab technicians. In order to get a customized whitening tray, an impression of your teeth will be made by you at home with our easy ready-to-go system. With that impression a whitening tray perfectly tailored to your teeth can be produced. Those trays are not only more comfortable but are also more effective than pre-produced whitening trays (Boil-and-Bite trays).

The custom made whitening trays with the effective whitening solution from opalescence are worn for 2-3 hours per day. Many people notice immediate whitening of their teeth, but the optimal result is achieved after a treatment period of one week.
How white will my teeth be after the treatment?
With Smiletastic’s professional home whitening like at the dentist, your teeth will be up to 16 times whiter.
Can anyone do a teeth whitening treatment?
Basically, every person over 18 years old with healthy teeth (i.e. without caries) can make a teeth whitening treatment.
Do I have to go to the dentist before using smiletastic?
No, you don’t have to go to the dentist if your teeth are healthy and without caries. If you are going regularly to preventive check-ups, you can use smiletastic without problems.
Are there any risks involved?

Long-term studies have shown that whitening treatments which are done in a proper and professional way, like smiletastic, do not damage tooth enamel.

Do you sell tooth whitening gels with more than 16%, e.g. 20% or 35%?

No, these may only be used in the dentists’ office – you can find more information 35% whitening gel here or 20% whitening gel here.

What are custom-made whitening-trays?

Based on your dental impressions customized & perfectly tailored whitening trays are made in our dental lab. This is the way bleaching trays are made by dentists. Custom-made bleaching trays are not only more comfortable but are also more effective than pre-produced whitening trays, as the whitening gel is applied exactly at the right place and cannot leak. This ensures that your gums are not irritated or even burned.

How important are custom made whitening trays?

Very important! Only a tray that fits snuggly on your teeth assures safe & effective teeth whitening.

Preproduced whitening trays such as ThermoForm (Boil-n-Bite) Trays perform significantly worse, as the whitening gel may not spread evenly on the teeth. Therefore results might be not consistent. Moreover, the whitening gel might leak out the tray, which can lead to gum irritation or even burns.

After Ordering

Do I have to pick up the tooth whitening gel at the dentists’?
No, we will send the whitening gel directly to your home.
What is the first step after receiving the package?

For your customized whitening trays we will need an impression of your teeth. Our whitening kit includes all necessary materials and detailed instructions to make your dental impressions. Follow these simple steps and send us the impressions back. As you can see in our introduction video it is very easy and requires no medical knowledge:

Once we receive your dental impressions, our dental technicians start manufacturing your customized whitening trays. The whitening trays will be finished within a couple of days and will be mailed back to you.

Now the tooth whitening can begin: Load your tray by expressing one continuous beat of gel from molar to molar. Use no more than ¼ syringe per tray. Leave the tray in for 2 hours. You can also start with 1 hour and then slowly increase the wearing time to 2 hours if you have sensitive teeth. Many people notice immediate whitening of their teeth, but the optimal result is achieved after a treatment period of one week.
What should I do, if my dental impressions did not succeed?
If your dental impression did not succeed, we will send two new impression trays. Make sure to follow the instructions closely. If you still have questions about your dental impressions, feel free to contact us per e-mail.

During the treatment

How much whitening gel do I need for each treatment?

Load the tray by expressing one continuous beat of gel from molar to molar. Use no more than ¼ syringe per tray. You should wear the 16% Whitening Gel for 2-3 Hours per day.

The Smiletastic Pro set contains 4 syringes which is sufficient for a whitening treatment of one week. This corresponds to the duration of treatment recommended by dentists. Watch our Video and learn in just 1 minute how you can whiten your teeth with Opalescence:

Was ist das Smiletastic App?
Um die Gesundheit deiner Zähne und ein optimales Bleachingergebnis sicher zu stellen, kannst du mit der Smiletastic App regelmäßig deine Bleichergebnisse mittels Foto dokumentieren. Die Fotos werden täglich von Herrn Dr. Dufek analysiert, um dir Tipps und Hinweise für ein optimales Ergebnis zu geben.

After the Whitening

What should I pay attention to after the whitening treatment?

After whitening, brush your teeth and clean the trays with your toothbrush and water. You should not eat or drink acid-containing foods or beverages for at least 1 hour after the whitening treatment.

To ensure best results, I recommend avoiding coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine throughout the whitening process.

How long will teeth whitening results last?

Normally the results last for approximately one year. However, this largely depends on your habits. The consumption of cigarettes or dark beverages (such as coffee or tea), as well as red wine, might discolor your teeth.

However, the whitening treatment can be repeated after 6 months, ideally after 1 year. This way your teeth will be consistently white. You can reorder the gel here.
How often should the whitening-process be repeated?
In order to have consistently white teeth, the whitening treatment should be repeated earliest after 6 months, ideally after 1 year. You can reorder the gel here.

General Information

I have dental crowns, can I whiten my teeth?
You don’t have to worry about fillings, dental crowns or veneers, as the whitening gel does not whiten or damage them. As crowns or veneers normally are brighter than your natural teeth (they don’t discolor trough meals and refreshments), the whitening treatment leads to a consistent, white color of your teeth.
I already have customized whitening trays. Can I only buy the whitening-gel?
Yes, we sell the Opalescence whitening gel in quantities of 4 for a whitening treatment for one person, or 8 for a whitening treatment for two persons.
I have lost or broken my customized whitening trays – where can I get a replacement from?

In case you’ve lost or broken your whitening trays from Smiletastic, you can reorder new ones here.

Do you have further questions?

Contact us per E-Mail.