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Our Misson

Smiletastic is one of the leading home whitening onlineshops in Europe. Starting from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you can find us almost all over Europe today. Smiletastic aims to make dentist quality home whitening possible anytime and anywhere at reasonable prices.

Today white and healthy teeth are important, as society sees them as a sign of health, strength and beauty. At the same time our professional life is more intense and there is very little time for leisure. That is why we developed Smiletastic – a tooth whitening set that works just like at the dentist, but with the best value for money. Smiletastic offers:

  • Whiter Teeth – with the custom-made whitening trays your teeth will get even whiter!
  • Safe Tooth Whitening – protect your gums from burns with your custom-made whitening tray!
  • No appointment with your dentist – save a lot of time and money without sacrificing professional results.
  • Whiter teeth after 1 treatment – with the opalescence whitening gel your teeth will be whiter after just 1 treatment.
  • Just like at the dentist – whiten your teeth just like at the dentist with custom-made whitening trays and opalescence whitening gel.
  • Zahnärztliche Kontrolle – lasse deine Zähne & den Bleachingprozess durch den Zahnarzt kontrollieren; exklusiv mit der Smiletastic-App.